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Angeletti Ruzza

Responsible Collection: BELLE EPOQUE

Guzzini assigned these two designers with the task of reshaping formal stylistic elements of the past according to modern standards.

Guzzini Lab

Responsible Collections: AQUA / VINTAGE

GUZZINI實驗室: 企業創新的心臟和靈魂。
Guzzini Lab: the heart and soul of company innovation.


Responsible Collection: Love

Two Japanese designers, together both in life and work, have developed this collection.

Raffaele Gerardi

Responsible Collection: Bimbi

His sensitiveness and creativity have enabled him to create here a table collection for children.

Guzzini 理念 Concepts

為人而設計 Design for People

GUZZINI 在過去100年的成長和成就: 塑料、顏色、貨品、總是以使用的原則來, 令到每一件設計、餐桌、家居、廚房的用品也符合我們的製造工藝質量。
Over the last 100 years of growth and achievement: the plastics, the colour, the good, always "ready to be used" design, the table , the kitchen and the home, the seriousness and attention to quality of our manufacturing processes.

意大利製造 Made in Italy

一個偉大的品牌,一個世界性喜愛和追求的標籤。 GUZZINI以其家庭的承諾和創新精神, 成立於100多年前的意大利。 A great brand, a worldwide loved and requested label. Guzzini was founded 100 years ago in Italy from the commitment and inventive spirit of the Guzzini family.

技術 Technologies

未來是以多種材料和多種格式作主導。 近年來,GUZZINI一直堅持一個基本的想法 - 令新型塑料材料的吸引力和價值可以媲美玻璃,木材和瓷器。 The future is multiple materials and multiple formats. In recent years, Fratelli Guzzini have been working on a basic idea - making new plastic materials as appealing and valued as glass, wood and porcelain.


GUZZINI的設計方法和設計師可以Ross Lovegrove的一句說話作歸納:「我認真地打算繼續與GUZZINI工作的其中一個原因,是因為我跟GUZZINI人有同一個元素: 當我們早上起床時,都會不設任何限制地放眼未來。」 Guzzini’s approach to design and designers can be summarised in the words of Ross Lovegrove: “One of the reasons why I seriously intend to continue working with Fratelli Guzzini is that I am one of those people who, when they get out of bed in the morning, look to the future without setting any limits.”

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